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Films we are proud to showcase in 2019 



Directed by James Chanter 


Having been forced off the grid following a private security operation gone wrong, the Defector (Lee McGeough) has been set up, targeted for elimination. Forced to escape his previous life and on the run, he must use his specialist skills and tactics to survive long enough to deliver vital information against his ruthless former security agency.

House of Redemption 

Directed by Tammy Klembith


Everyone is hiding something...Redemption is a choice...Except in this house. This whisks us to a place where all actions have consequences. In this short film, we're thrust inside the mind of a young woman forced to face her own truth while staying at an Airbnb with her friend. 

Nothing is Sacred 

Directed by Peter Jang


A gang enforcer is ordered to kill his brother-in-law by his adopted mother's sex trafficking ring in order to save his young niece and sister from being sold into sexual slavery.



Directed by Jonathan Cocco 


When his wife is brutally murdered, a former assassin swears retribution. Discovering that his former partner orchestrated this horrific act, our hero must confront his blood-soaked past. In his rage-fueled rampage, no one will be safe. Only death can satisfy vengeance.

Ring of Fire

Directed by Tracy Kleeman

Callie puts on her best poker face while she embarks on the run from Los Angeles through the desert, with nothing but her Toyota Solara and a pack of cigarettes. Seeking refuge from the open road, Callie finds herself in a small, local dive bar. Though only a few townie drunks populate the joint, a young woman named Mac mans the bar. Callie recognizes the signs of an abused woman, and the interaction they share forces her to ultimately come to terms with what or whom she is running from. Think THELMA & LOUISE meets GONE GIRL.

Some Dark Places 

Directed by Nicolas Simonin

Anthology showcasing 3 distinctive stories exploring fears in 3 different

locations: Paris, Los Angeles, and Mexico. Pick a place...Face your fear.


The Sparkle 

Directed by Lana Lekarinou

Caught in a stifling marriage to a narcissist Sofia has reached her breaking point.

As she ponders her uncertain future a cast of shady characters ponder the worth

of her yellow diamond, her most valuable possession. Or is it? When everyone

is after the only thing you have, and when the only thing you have is,

“The Sparkle.”


Directed by Andre Gaumond


John and Boris, two computer scientists, confront after the discovery of a revolutionary application that allows them to transfer thought from one person to another.

The Terms of Us

Directed by Roberto Sanchez


Jose Garcia, a successful actor, has a chance encounter with a homeless woman who forces him to face his past.

Short Shorts

I'd Kill For Her

Directed by Jonathan Cocco

A trailer for a dark fantasy noir film where a private investigator has to deal with a seductive succubus and a ravenous zombie crime boss who both want him for their insidious agendas.

Old Mrs. Jenkins 

Directed by Thomas Norman and Taryn Hough


Reminiscent of the campy horror films from the 80s, Old Mrs. Jenkins tells the story of what happens to a couple after a thunderstorm leaves them in the dark. With only candles, a broken flashlight and a fireplace to light the night, together they learn that some scary stories should never be retold.


Directed by Steven Chan

Special Agents race against time attempting to save individuals, pitted against one another, from VIRTUAL death.

Red White and Black 

Directed by Elia Petridis


This one take fight scene music video provides a visual metaphor to express the heart of Hoop's track dealing with themes of oppression, struggle and race.

Solitary Confinement

Directed by Raquel Salvatella de Prada

A visual representation on an excerpt from prisoner Chris McBride’s letter to the newspaper Indy Week dated on July 4th 2012.

Stari Grad (Old Town)

Directed by Jack Beck

A fable set in Old Town, Dubrovnik, Croatia. A boy, hiding from artillery fire, makes a wish for peace. Unfortunately, it all comes true.

The Book

Directed by Jonathan Cocco

In the darkness of upper reality a woman finds an unimaginable book.

The Test

Directed by Rani Deighe Crowe

When a guy needs the answers for a test, he gets a girl to let him cheat.

The United Guys Network

Directed by Tabatha Golat


Loving newlywed husband Paul Seger is making the other guys in the neighbourhood look bad. Time for The United Guys Network to step in and teach him how to be a 'real' husband.

Where Shadows Go In The Dark

Directed by Juliet Lucas


Have you ever wondered where your shadow goes in the dark? What adventures it embarks on while you sleep? Follow the story of one heroic shadow, as it spends its' night fending of nightmare spirits, all so that its' charge may have a peaceful sleep filled with good dreams.

Woe is She

Directed by Chelsea B. Lockie

Jenny knows a few things for sure: she's jobless, homeless, broke, and depressed. She knows that Nicole is her best friend, Nicole hates feelings, and Nicole is her best chance at survival. Can friendship cure depression? No. But it's all she's got.


Cupid Is Not a Terrorist

Directed by bellopropello


Love is a random thing. Finding true love is a thrilling adventure, especially if personally involved as target.


Directed by Margie Kelk

I have worked with animator Lynne Slater to finish a stop-motion film which revolves around the destruction produced by human pollution in the marine environment. Antarctica is now the focus of my creative output as I work to show my audience what a beautiful continent we risk losing.


Bike Riddim

Directed by Sarah Galloway


Biking finds its groove in Asbury Park, NJ! Stringbean and his bandmates bike to their boardwalk gigs all summer long. As the boardwalk crowds swell, the film reveals the power of music to bring people together. Shot entirely with a GoPro action camera, “Bike Riddim” lets you join the ride.

Something To Believe In 

Directed by Amy McCorkle

A behind the scenes look at one woman's journey of self-healing through a specific artistic project, "Letters to Daniel." Featuring interviews with caregivers, friends and fellow creators. Including a tribute to the Daniel of "Letters to Daniel" , Daniel Craig.

Loyalty Not Royalty 

Behind every song, is an untold story


The Battle for Jericho 

Directed by Rob George 

When sorting out her mother’s estate, Sarah uncovers dark family secrets and evidence that the real cause of her sister’s death was an attack by a mutant, brain-eating jellyfish that had infiltrated the water supply. 

Black Pool 

Directed by Dustin Morrow 


"Black Pool" is a gripping thriller about a revenge-fueled, cat-and-mouse game of imprisonment and interrogation. Thirty years ago, Michael’s life was shattered by a shadowy figure he saw for only a fleeting moment. But tonight, through a chance encounter, he believes he’s found the man responsible for ruining his life. And he’s going to make him pay. But does he have the right man? And how far will he go for the truth?

Blue Moon

Directed by Stefan Harris


 Businessman Horace Jones is deep in debt. While his family thinks he's in Hong Kong on a business deal, he is covertly working a deadly quiet night-shift in his own service station to make ends meet. When a suspicious character expires in the station's toilet clutching a large wad of cash, Horace is suddenly offered a tempting opportunity to dispose of the evidence and solve his financial problems.

Dream State 

Directed by Asger Bartels


21-year-old director Asger Bartels’ self-financed, feature film-debut tells the story of the complexities of millennial coming-of-age through the eyes and lens of Louis (Karim Theilgaard). Following the death of his estranged father, the photographer Louis is left feeling he hasn't achieved as much in life as he had hoped for. He is still chasing the same dream of becoming a famous photographer but have been stuck working on the same project for many years. Louis’ girlfriend Rosa (Kimmie Falstrøm) tries to get Louis to snap out of it and grow up, but when old acquaintances make an appearance the night draws Louis back in.


Directed by Ilir Pristine


 Florrie is a 30 year old woman dating 3 men simultaneously. Juggling all these men is catching up with her as is her complicated past. Her best friend Henrietta puts Florrie on the spot and forces her to pick one of the committed boyfriends. Why is Florrie not able to accept love from any of these men?


Directed by Travis Bain


A young couple in tropical Australia is trapped in their beach house by three armed fugitives carrying a mysterious box containing unknown contents, and they must rely on their wits and cunning to survive as a severe cyclone looms.


Directed by Christopher Baiza


MYRA is a transgender street hustling Mexican-American girl who finds acceptance and love from a notorious gang-leader MANNY ROSAS and forms a relationship while selling dope for him.


Trouble Is My Business

Directed by Tom Konkle 


Private Investigator Roland Drake falls for two sisters from the Montemar family. One woman is dead and the other wants to kill him. Starring Vernon Wells (Mad Max) and Brittney Powell (Xena) A dark tale of love and betrayal, told in the classic style of film noir. 

Where Sleeping Dogs Lie 

Directed by Josh Pierson

A Neo-Noir Crime Drama about two brothers with a strained relationship and their childhood best friend that find themselves in a tragic twist of events during a botched robbery attempt.

Script Competition

Short Script category

Layla - Ron Podell
Kill Gandhi - James N. Freeman

Mensa Ball - David Rasch

Game Day - Rebekah McAuliffe
Moto Cartel - Israel Rios
Dire Consequences - Joseph Leone

Television Pilot category

Antidote - David J. Keogh 

Untroubled - Michael Corleone

Feature Script category

Saying Goodbye - Amy McCorkle 
Beginnings and Bobby - Sean Coe
Hope - Alejandro Moreno

Rainbows and Silver Buckles - Stuart Schulz

May A Girl Sit Here - Stuart Schulz
Gotta Itch For Mitch - Janice Haas