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Recipient of the 2019

Excellence in Film Award

James Duval

Recipient of the 2019 

Rising Star Award


2019 Film and Script Nominations

Nominations in the Written Word Categories

Best Short - Drama

Layla - Ron Podell

Kill Gandhi - James N. Freeman

Moto Cartel - Israel Rios
Dire Consequences - Joseph Leone

Best Short - Comedy

Game Day - Rebekah McAuliffe

Mensa Ball - David Rasch

Best Television Pilot

Antidote - David J. Keogh 

Untroubled - Michael Corleone

Best Feature

Saying Goodbye - Amy McCorkle 
Beginnings and Bobby - Sean Coe
Hope - Alejandro Moreno

Rainbows and Silver Buckles - Stuart Schulz

May A Girl Sit Here - Stuart Schulz
Gotta Itch For Mitch - Janice Haas